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Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm EDT
romney had in mind when he wanted to say states have rights. what about the city's rights to elect their own elected officials? and help do they own? when you say government interference, i understand you were talking about the federal government, but i heard mitt romney say that states' rights, is it the rights of the state's coming into the cities to overthrow the local municipalities? if that's a big government, small government, i don't know, is it controlled government? i think they have a right to control their own destiny in their own city. so the public is on the ballot in november, and i am turning everybody in michigan to vote down. we don't need dictatorship. it is a dictated view. >> host: thanks so much on the mall of the government in relation to the city and its relationship with federal government. and detroit. swb writes the government should do its job and maintain the general welfare. from debate news the numbers are in on how many people watched on television. more than 600 million watched the debate in this election cycle nearly 15 million were going to watch t
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
of how you succeed including many states where they will be governing many states that romney will have lost and new mexico and new jersey and virginia and really central and hard in washington to remind ourselves they are more important than what happens in leadership in the house and senate. one tiny caveat, even if romney loses i am not certain about that. the intellectual campaign point, i think people are underestimating the conflict that can still happen. it could be a six point victory for obama if he keeps it open. if he gets 53-47 it is possible. it is not out of the question. i don't think republicans fill the house. they're wildly confident and democrats get back. you start losing the generic ballot by two points you will lose the house so you could have more turmoil and that would be big. that would lead to a meltdown if republicans lose a body everyone is assuming, you can't lose the house because if that were to happen it would be huge shot but for a minute -- put more emphasis on the stage where republicans are governing. >> as an outsider let me agree and disagree. of co
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
they will be governing in many states romney would have lost nevada, mexico, new jersey, maybe virginia of course, ohio in this case. so they become really central and will be hard for us in washington to remind ourselves they are important in what happens. one tiny caveat to read everybody assumes they were told the house of course even if rahman loses. i am not so concerned. the electoral campaign point i would make for underestimating the variants of outcomes that could happen in the 48 and 41 race you could see the 6.74 obama if he breaks it up i'm not sure that romney couldn't read it devotee get to 6347 as possible if he has three plants now he could win by six. it isn't out of the question. then the generic goes to the democrats. i'm not sure to read i know the republicans are confident in the democrats don't think they can take it back if you do the math and start losing about by two points you do lose the house. so you could have more turmoil and that would be big. i think that what really lead to the meltdown if they lose a body everyone is assuming in my opinion that of course you can't lose
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, and last night when we heard governor romney talk about states as the laboratory of democracy so while that may have been a republican democrat comment it got me thinking about our mayor and the work that they do in their communities and i'm going to hand the floor over to them. if you could both talk a little bit about how you see the future of american politics. >> thank you for having us first of all and thanks to all of you for coming to this event. i do believe that our politics is local and as mayor i've had the opportunity to witness decision-making on a local level that has implications for the state and federal government. i will just briefly talk about my background and how i first got into the position as mayor. holyoke is a small city of about 40,000 people outside of springfield in the western part of massachusetts. i was born and raised there and went to the city's public schools became the first to my family to go on to college and when i got to brown studied urban studies there and like a lot of folks my age i chose to come back to my hometown and give back to the city
Oct 4, 2012 9:00am EDT
think paul ryan is a very smart person. i think clearly the romney team must feel he is a qualified to be president president of the united states. is a democratic analyst, to us it just sort of reignited the whole medicare issue because you know we have spent a lot of time and glen and i do senate and house campaigns, talking about the ryan plan. and you know, sometimes we talk about the ryan plan without saying the ryan plan because people didn't know who paul ryan was. well, now they do and now they know there is a ryan plan on medicare. so in the polling we have done and i'm sure glen has done polling of his own, we see it's an effective message for democrats against republicans to talk about the ryan plan and the republican plan on medicare. >> before you jump and glen let me push back a little here. >> go right ahead. [laughter] >> a day or two before governor romney made his decision on running mates i was talking with stan greenberg, another democratic pollster and he runs a democracy corps with james carville and they have been desperately trying to use the ryan plan you kn
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
care to people who are not insured, and governor romney said, well, i had an opportunity to save the state a lot of money because if we didn't take the federal money, it would have gone away. with health care reform, we were able to accept this large sum of money and defray some of the costs of providing care for them who don't this health insurance, but still get health care. >> host: learning about the health care law that governor romney signed into law in massachusetts with christine mcconville who and she reported for the boston globe as well in massachusetts. we have a phone line set up for massachusetts residents, 20 2-385-3885. democrats can weigh in and ask questions at 202-585-3880. independents, 202-385-3882. look how the health care law played out. 90% of adults covered, nearly 1 # 00% of kids covered, and 79% of residents get insurance through their employer, and they have eight providers to choose from. one of the details is insurance premiums increased over 2006 to 2010 by $70. take us through how this plan has in a sense worked out. >> guest: well, most people wou
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
maybe doing china as a currency manipulator. would that be productive? >> it would be -- the romney campaign does not check itself. [laughter] spent i will take that for a no. >> i have stated my general vi view. i remember the reagan campaign making statements such i didn't think were adequate to the overall relationship, and clinton did the same thing. i have confidence that the men in the office, president looking at the realities, will come to the conclusion that i have outlined to my colleagues, and about which they really amazingly -- [inaudible] of people who actually deal with china. there are others who have other views to want to turn this whole thing into a crusade. but they have actually studied china, or dealt with china spent let's do one last lightning round before doing this over to questions on august. go big and so long. giving a timeframe for how long before we see open national elections and the end of one party state in china. david? >> i don't expect to live to see that day. >> i disagree. i think that the future generation in china will have difficulty underst
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
it sets the table is a set in terms of what mitt romney's priorities were peered out from a visual perspective, this ad was seen shooting the visitors 2 million times on youtube and most impressively, it was seen in the swing states. so this is the kind of advertising we decided to run in swing states, particularly in a place like ohio, for example, where blue-collar downscale boaters were looking for this kind of information and saw the priorities of mitt romney and i think this is very important as setting the stage for the rest of the campaign. i will show you one more added and i promise to shut out. it is not on not d., negative. some of it was gone. here is one we did leading up to the olympics. >> there is mitt romney waving to china, home to a billion people, thousands of their jobs to mitt romney. india, which also gained jobs thanks to romney with outsourcing pioneer. and burma -- we know they have a special place in mitt romney's wallet. the swiss sure know how to keep a secret. speaking of secrets, there's bermuda, home to a secret corporation. no one knows why and romn
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8